Themed Groups

Transition Edinburgh has connections with the following city-wide thematic groups.

Edinburgh Community Solar Coop

Edinburgh Community Solar Co-operative – “ECSC offers Edinburgh residents the chance to collectively own solar panels, do something positive about climate change and benefit financially while at the same time helping Edinburgh to become a cleaner, greener city.

Edinburgh Local Food Network

The ‘Edinburgh Local Food Network’ (ELFN) is a coalition of organisations and  individuals who care about local food. We support the development of a truly sustainable and equitable food system for our region.


Transition Community Energy Group

Fired up by the success of the recent United We Stand[1] event, several TE members perceived great potential for active community groups in Edinburgh to locally progress the aim of ‘sustainable communities working together towards financial independence’.

There was great interest in finding a simple model for equalising the benefits of community-led energy generation. This is partially in response to concerns that certain communities or households (e.g. those who can afford the high initial capital investment) will benefit from the current Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) at the expense of capital-poor communities, who will effectively be subsidising these incentives through increased fuel costs.

This first TE Community Energy open meeting was called therefore to bring interested individuals, groups and organisations together to further explore ideas, enthusiasm and scope for collaborative work on these issues.