Carbon Neutral Edinburgh

Transition Edinburgh launched the Pathways to Carbon Neutral Edinburgh initiative. This initiative is the start for wider projects/ activities in collaboration with different local organisations. We designed Zero Carbon Edinburgh  website to be a map the different activities and technologies that contribute to Carbon reduction in Edinburgh.

Projects and Activities:

Carbon Neutral Edinburgh digital platform
We aim to develope our online platform into an entertaining and professionally designed Online Challenge. With growing internet use, the Challenge will be an easily accessible and fun tool for individuals, communities and businesses to get inspired by the many ideas already collected to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Carbon Neutral Edinburgh Exhibition
A mobile educational exhibition around the city will connect specifically with the places to be visited and can be a promotional tool for sustainable businesses and technologies.

Carbon Neutral Edinburgh Tours
These city tours showcase a selection of the existing low-carbon examples such as energy efficient buildings and community gardens around Edinburgh.

Welcome Week Carbon Neutral Tour
In 13 September 2018 we collaborated with Engineers for change and the University of Edinburgh to organise and lead our first tour.
About 50 fresher students joined us in a social friendly walk to see different low Carbon approaches around the city. We gathered in Bristo square then headed to the CHP plant of the University of Edinburgh. Peter Hodgson from UoE explained and guided us through the facility. After that, we listened to a short talk by Engineers for Change about their developed “Precious Plastic” machines. Then we headed to the Quartermile while introducing the area to the new comers. The following destination was Shrub new shop in 22 Bread Street. We walked through Castle Terrace and the Royal Mile to Waverly station where we discussed the contribution of active travel and using trains instead of flying in Carbon reduction. The final stage was in the ECCI building where saw the electric vehicles charging points and explained the latest improvements that the building went through to become a leading example of low Carbon refurbished building. Finally, we rewarded ourselves with a cup of coffee served in Keep Cups given to us by the University of Edinburgh.