North Edinburgh Clean Heat

The ambition

The North Edinburgh Clean Heat project will have work in progress by the end of 2025.

This will be a district heating scheme, with heat pumps to use the Forth as the heat source.


Decarbonised heat so contributing to Edinburgh’s Zero Carbon by 2030 target

Cleaner air in locality as no burning fossil fuel

Heat as a service, easier/less maintenance etc for the purchasers of heat.

Potential to alleviate fuel poverty.

Provision of skilled green jobs.

Potential for community benefit

Demonstration project to share success and learning.


1. Bring together individuals with shared ambition, and experience, knowledge and contacts.

2. Explore potential users of heat:

  • Western General Hospital,
  • Victoria Quay
  • Local communities , Granton Development Trust and Community Councils,
  • Granton Waterfront Development
  • Housing associations Port of Leith Housing
  • Western Harbour Housing Development

3. Consider governance and funding

  • Options collaboration between City of Edinburgh and Holyrood
  • City of Edinburgh arms length like Edinburgh Leisure
  • Coop independent like Edinburgh Solar Coop

4. Engage with potential participants to create a business plan

5. Board set up, engages contractors and starts work.

More information

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