If you would like to volunteer on the Newsletter and/or have any information for the next issue, please contact us by email on (the deadline is normally 7 days before the 1st of each month).

MARCH 2018 issue

Hi there,

Well, I was snowed in for 2 days due to the Beast
from the East, but now it looks like Spring is on the
way!  Tecchie issues still not resolved, so I’m hoping
this goes through ok again with my adaption,
meantime.   Have a good month.

If you would like to volunteer on the Newsletter and/or have any information for the next issue, please contact us by email on (the deadline is normally 7 days before the 1st of each month).

In this month’s newsletter:

Transition Edinburgh newsletter group:
Joy Stockley

Transition News & Events

Climate Change Film Night – Before the Flood – Leonardo Dicaprio

 Date:   Wed, 21 Mar 2018
Time:   19.15 – 21.30
Venue:   Beehive Inn, 18-20 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2JU
Cost:   Free  –  All Welcome

Before the Flood presents a riveting account of the dramatic changes now occurring around the world due to climate change.  Presented by National Geographic.
Join with Edinburgh Greenpeace after to share your opinion about the movie and possible actions on a global / National or personal level.  Book via Eventbrite:

Food Films and Kitchen Table Talks
[Nourish / Open Seas / Slow Food Youth Network  /  Take One Action  /  Transition Black Isle / TE]

Date:   Tue, 20 March 2018
Time:   18.00 – 21.00
Venue:   University of Edinburgh, Appleton Tower,
11 Crichton St,  Edinburgh  EH8 9LE
Cost:     Free

Join us for the premiere of 2 documentaries  ‘The Black Isle’ and ‘Gone Fishing’ followed by ideas sharing on the coming Good Food Nation Bill.  Refreshments for those who come in good time.

Panel Debate – How desruptive will Brexit  be to Scotland’s Energy Strategy?
[ClimateXchange  /  University of Edinburgh]

Date:   Thu, 22 March 2018
Time:   16.45 – 18.45
Venue:  Edinburgh Centre for Climate Innovation {ECCI]
High School Yards, Infirmary St. EH1 1LZ
Cost:   Free

ClimateXchange and Edinburgh Uni host a distinguished set of speakers and provide a neutral and balanced forum for debate.  The panel will share their views about the potential risks and uncertainties facing the Scottish Energy System after the UK’s departure from the EU.  They will address the key questions.
Register on Eventbrite:

Plastic Ocean – Film Screening
[Edinburgh Sustainable Meet-up / Hearty Squirell Co-op]

Date:    Wed, 4 April 2018
Time:    18.15 – 20.45
Venue:   Adam House, Basement Theatre, Uni of Edinburgh
3 Chambers Street. EH1 1HT
Cost:      £3.83

This is an exceptionally good documentary.  Every year 8 million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans!  To save our future we need a wave of change.  This movie shows HOW this can happen, giving working solutions that can be put into immediate effect.
Book on Eventbrite:

Events From Other Groups – Food

Become part of Nourish Scotland’s new Good Food Nation Activists Network!

Date:  Tue, 13 March
Time: 18.00 –  20.00
Location:  Edinburgh Larder, 15 Blackfriars Street.
Price:  Free

Join Nourish to shape a new network of campaigners to build public pressure and momentum around the Good Food Nation Bill.  Ensure this opportunity to transform our food system isn’t missed.  It’s a great way to meet others in the food movement, be on the frontline of the campaign and to share campaigning skills.  Please RSVP   –    This event is now sold out, but we are looking into larger venue options and will be live streaming the event, so do sign up onto the waitlist in case spaces become available and say if you are happy to join in remotely. 

In Our Hands  –  Film Screening
[Slow Food Youth Network Scotland]

Date: Mon, 19 March
Time: 18.00 – 21.00
Location: Botanic Cottage, Royal Botanic Gardens
Inverleith Row   EH3 5LR
Price: Suggested donation of £5.00

 Join us for the Scotland premiere of ‘In Our Hands – the inspiring story behind the blood sweat and tears of the farmers who are outgrowing the industrial food system.  Created by Landworkers’ Alliance and Black Bark Films it’s about the quiet revolution that’s taking place in our food and farming right nowin the U.K.  – observing their stories of success and the challenges they have faced.   Q & a Panel after the film.     
Go to:

Do a Kitchen Table Talk this Spring!
[Nourish, Edinburgh  /  Scottish Food Coalition]

The Scottish Food Coalition are inviting people from across Scotland to get together this Spring for Kitchen Table Talks to discuss the future of food in Scotland.  The Scottish Gov’t will introduce a ‘Good Food Nation Bill’ for consultation later this year and we want this legislation to be a chance for everyone to shape Scotland’s food system.   The purpose is to hear what really matters to people about food and what they want the bill to achieve.  Find out everything you need to host or do the talk – on your own / with friends / family / colleagues / neighbours or in a group.  Make sure to share the outcome of your talk with us before 15 April.
Go to:

World’s First Plastic-free Supermarket aisle in Amsterdam
[28 Feb – Treehugger]

More than 700 products will be available without plastic packaging in the designated section.  Ekoplaza opened the first ever plastic-free aisle – not a speck of plastic in sight – only cardboard, glass, metal, and compostable materials and eco -friendly versions of packaging.  The company plans to add plastic-free aisles to all of its 74 stores by the end of 2018.  Sian Sutherland is the co-founder of ‘A Plastic Planet’ the environmental organisation behind Ekoplaza’s initiative.  She is celebrating calling it “A landmark moment for the global fight against plastic pollution.

Other Exciting Events

Spokes Public Meeting – Cycling and Tram Extension
[Dave De Feu)

Date:  Thu, 15 March
Time: 19.30 – 21.30  (18.45 open for coffee)
Location:   Augustine United Church, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh
Price:  Free – All welcome

The meeting features top decision makers on the Tram extension project.  The Speakers are Cllr Lesley Macinnes, Rob Leech and Martyn Lings.  The Council is drawing up plans to extend the Edinburgh Tram to Leith, Ocean  Terminal and Newhaven.
Go to:

Mini Conference – The AirBnB Phenomenon
[The Cockburn Association / David Somervell TE]

Date:  Wed, 14 March 2018
Time 14.00 – 17.00
Location:  City of Edinburgh Methodist Church, Nicolson Square
Edinburgh  EH8 9BX
Price:  £8 for Cockburn Association Members, students and
members of Edinburgh Civic Forum
£45  for others  £100 for block booking of 3 places

Some great speakers including John Donnelly Ceo of Marketing Scotland and Andrew Mitchell – a qualified Trading Standards Officer.  They will be talking about the impact and opportunities of the collaborative economy and disruptive technologies.   How should Edinburgh respond to short-term letting.
Book via Eventbrite:
or contact  The Cockburn Association directly.

Future Innovation Showcase
[Edinburgh Uni / ECCI]

Date:   Sat, 4 April
Time:   11.00 – 16.00
Location:   Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, High School
Yards, 12 Infirmary Street  EH1 1LZ
Cost:   Free

Join us for a Science Festival Open Day showcasing the latest low carbon technologies that ares set to transform our future.  Includes top-of-the-range electric vehicles,e-bikes, start-up biz innovations etc.   Drop in when you can.

Education and Big changes needed to stem the rise of Diabetes and obesity
[Report from Joy]

I recently watched the docu-series Ithrive online by Jon McMahon who overcame Type 2 Diabetes and his obesity There are 700 million obese people in the world and Diabetes affects 1 in 11 adults worldwide.
There are many aspects to it of course, including being addicted to sugar and processed foods.  The complications of Diabetes are many including causing heart attacks / kidney and liver failure / strokes / eye problems and neuropathy (the loss of feeling in the limbs and bad circulation – sometimes leading to amputations.  Dr. Daniel Pompa also spoke about 3 serious toxins which are Mercury (fillings and vaccinations), Lead – stored in the bones and Glyphosate – the toxins sprayed on Wheat which opens up the brain barrier and the gut barrier which in turn affects every cell.  What the many enlightened Doctors in this series advocated was going on a mainly plant-based wholefood way of eating, which people have found reversed their Diabetes and also prevented further health problems.  Many people, of course need support to get on a healthy path after many years of unhealthy habits and a change of mindset, believing it can be possible to reverse their bad health
Research:  Dr. Dean Ornish , / Dr. Jason Fung MD / Dr. Michael Klaper

Zero Carbon Britain – 3-Day Short Course
[Centre for Alternative Technology – Paul Allen – ZCB Project Co-ordinator)

Date:  Wed 2 – Fri 4 May 2018
Times:   10.00 – 8pm Wed   9-6pm Thu   9-4pm Friday
Venue:   Centre for Alterrnative Technology, Machynlleth,
Powys, Wales.  SY20 9AZ   Tel: +44 (0) 0654 704966
Cost:     £40 Wed (incl.lunch and eve meal)
£30 Thu  (incl.lunch)
£30 Fri   (incl. lunch)

Wed 2 May – Rethinking the future
Thu 3  May – Making it Happen
Fri   4  May – Tools, Resources and practice.

To bring people up to date with the very latest findings from our research.

FEBRUARY 2018 Issue

Hi there,

Due to technical issues, I have been unable to access my Handy form eeek!  A friend named Dorothy said to me “Always turn Disaster to Advantage”.  This was ok with food mishaps, but I am having to dig deep with this one!  Thank you for your patience with the delay and having to go to the websites yourselves this month.
Have a wonderful Valentines or Anti-Valentines Day and a lovely February.


If you would like to volunteer on the Newsletter and/or have any information for the next issue, please contact us by email on (the deadline is normally 7 days before the 1st of each month).

In this month’s newsletter:

Transition Edinburgh newsletter group:
Joy Stockley

Transition News & Events

Transition Network’s Purpose – Tell us what you think
[29 Jan – Sam Allen Transition Network]

 Transition Network is developing a new strategy.  In fact, it will be a strategic framework, with a number of different aspects, rather than a fixed strategy.  One part of this will be an organisational purpose – to help us check, prioritise and decide what actions to take and which projects to develop.  Please read all the aspects and give your feedback before 22 Feb.  Go to:  www.transitionnetwork.orrg/news-and-blog/

Prep Table – Our Meal in January
[Report – by Joy TE]

The evening at the Charteris Centre was lovely with a choice of mains, sides and desserts to follow.  It was lovely to catch up with Transitioners and friends in a great atmosphere and with great company.    Fiona Donaldson, the Founder of Preptable, told us how she came from cheffing in restaurants to deciding to create Preptable and help her community as she does today.  Preptables mission is:  Empowering people through food, providing freedom of choice and the means to give, receive and share in a comfy relaxed environment.  “We believe that everyone deserves to feel the pleasure of good food and that somebody has taken the time and effort to cook for them because they matter.”  They hold weekly or fortnightly food nights and get togethers.  Check out her website at:

Events From Other Groups – Food

Annual Potato Day – Bridgend
[Bridgend Growing Communities]

Date: Sun 25 Feb
Time: 11.00 – 14.00
Location: Bridgend Growing Communities, 41 Old Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh EH16 4TE
Price:  Free

Come along to this annual event for all things Spuddy!


10 Years of Bruncheon – Carnival Brunch Party
[Out of the Blue]

Date: Sat, 10 Feb
Time: 11.30 – 15.00
Location: Out of the Blue, Drill Hall, 36 Dalmeny St. EH6 8RG
Price: Free

 We’re celebrating a decade of music at Bruncheon fest – the Sound of Muesli.  Join us for a bite to eat and performances from ‘Fish to Fry’, ‘Toby Mothershead’anf the ‘Whole Shebang’.
Go to:

Anti-Valentines Dinner with TRJFP

[The Real Junk Food Project]

Date:  Wed, 14 Feb
Time:  19.30 – 21.30
Location:  Ostara Cafe, 50 Coburg St, Leith EH6 6HJ
Price:  Pay as you feel

Join us at the Ostara cafe for a delicious 3-course meal celebrating the value of that food and the vallue of those preparing and eating it whatever their relationship status.  We promise this is not speed dating, but a rare chance for commensality to share food with people you don’t know.  BYOB or buy from Ostara’s excellent wine list.  Book your table by emailing:

Vegan Potluck Lunch at the Secret Garden

[Lochend Community Growing Project]

Date:  Sun, 18 Feb
Time:  11.00 – 14.00
Location:  Lochend Community Growing Project, 6A Lochend
Quadrant.  EH7 6DL
Price:  Free

Come along to our monthly vegan potluck lunch at the garden.  Bring along some vegan food to share.  You don’t have to be vegan to come along and enjoy some tasty food.  Everyone welcome.  Family friendly.  Go to:  The Secret Garden Facebook page

Organic Market in U.K. now worth £2.2 billion after sixth year of growth [7 Feb – The Ecologist]

Organic food and drink now makes up 1.5% of Britain’s shopping baskets after 6 years of steady growth, according to a Soil Association report.  Go to:  htpps://

Other Exciting Events

Potions and Plants: A Magical Evening at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh
[Botanical Gardens)

Date: Frid, 16 Feb
Time: 19.00 – 22.30
Location: The Royal Botanic Garden, John Hope Gateway, Edinburgh
Price: £19.95 – Adults (over 18’s only)

Your timetable for the evening will include classes on herbology, history of magic plants, Alchemy, Transfiguration and of course potions.  (some will also get the chance to make thier own Gin)
Booking via Eventbrite:

Create wooden tables and Art with luminous rivers of coloured resin – Free Workshops
[Bridgend Farmhouse – BIG]

Date:  Sat 17 Feb
Time 11.00
Location: Bridgend Farmhouse, 41 Old Dalkeith Road, EH16 4TE
Price:  Free – and lunch included

Keep Sat 17 Feb free in your diaries.  Help Bridgend Farmhouse create tables for their new cafe and learn how to do this great skill at the same time.  Contact: to volunteer.             (Sat 10 Feb now fully booked)

Support Bridgend Farmhouse – Would you like to invest in the project?

Would you like to become a co-owner of Bridgend Farmhouse?  Complete the 1 minute survey to help us get a sense of how many people and how much people would like to invest to support the project.  Go to: http://www.bridgend  for more information

SHRUB – Open meeting [Swap and Reuse Hub]

Date:  Thu, 22 Feb
Time:  18.00 – 19.30
Location:  Swap & Reuse Hub Cooperative,
13 Guthrie Street.  EH1 1JG
Price:  Free

Come along to the open meeting to find out about the current projects.  See more info on the SHRUB facebook page.

Cyrenians appoints Manager for Social Bite Village
[Cyrenians – Edinburgh]

Homelessness and inclusion charity Cyrenians has appointed Kathy Hoyle as Manager for the Social Bite village set to provide a home for up to 20 people affected by homelessness.  With almost 50 yrs experience in delivering residential community models, Cyrenians is now journeying with Social Bite by providing the support and care for the community.  The aim of the village is to empower residents with the skills required to maintain an independent and meaningful life away from the issues which may have contributed to their homelessness experience e.g. unemployment, relationship breakdown, debt, addiction and mental health.

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