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Transition Edinburgh’s Podcast: Climate Emergen-Z

During a meeting in which we decided recording written interviews for the Transition Edinburgh website may be an interesting addition to our blog, a member of the Steering Group suggested recording the audio for these interviews too. Out of this idea, Climate Emergen-Z, Transition Edinburgh’s podcast, was born. As Edinbrugh transitions to a just and … Continue reading Transition Edinburgh’s Podcast: Climate Emergen-Z

Financing Climate Justice: Scotland at COP26

On 20th October 2020, Jubilee Scotland, Oxfam Scotland, SCIAF, and the SCCS International Group released a report called ‘Financing Climate Justice’. Transition Edinburgh supports their work, so we want to share it with you. Becky Kenton-Lake of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland writes, “The report makes the case for climate action to include significant financial support … Continue reading Financing Climate Justice: Scotland at COP26