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Volunteering Opportunity

Our Gracemount Our Gracemount is working with local people and organisations, as well as students and staff from Edinburgh University, to: Run volunteering opportunities on site Gather information concerning the development of the Mansion, Stable Block, community garden, and greenspaces for the benefit of the local community. Our Gracemount is funded by the University of … Continue reading Volunteering Opportunity

Transition Edinburgh’s Podcast: Climate Emergen-Z

During a meeting in which we decided recording written interviews for the Transition Edinburgh website may be an interesting addition to our blog, a member of the Steering Group suggested recording the audio for these interviews too. Out of this idea, Climate Emergen-Z, Transition Edinburgh’s podcast, was born. As Edinbrugh transitions to a just and … Continue reading Transition Edinburgh’s Podcast: Climate Emergen-Z

Financing Climate Justice: Scotland at COP26

On 20th October 2020, Jubilee Scotland, Oxfam Scotland, SCIAF, and the SCCS International Group released a report called ‘Financing Climate Justice’. Transition Edinburgh supports their work, so we want to share it with you. Becky Kenton-Lake of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland writes, “The report makes the case for climate action to include significant financial support … Continue reading Financing Climate Justice: Scotland at COP26