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Fairemile Energy Hub: Ideas for Energy Saving

Themes of energy saving idea for Fairmilehead Energy Hub.             Contents: DIY small improvements Energy performance of home Electrification of heat Monitoring energy use Sharing progress, information and Q&A Small scale passive solar Supporting solar power Install PV panels on your roof Working from home, cutting commuting, estimating fuel saving DIY small improvements Check for … Continue reading Fairemile Energy Hub: Ideas for Energy Saving

Wellbeing Economics/Amsterdam City Doughnut

Katherine Trebeck: Wellbeing Economics: Amsterdam City Doughnut. Transition Edinburgh’s #BuildBackBetter event – 25 June 2020. On 25th June 2020, Transition Edinburgh hosted a #BuildBackBetter event in which Dr Katherine Trebeck, Advocacy & Influencing Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, shared her experience with the Wellbeing Economic Model and talked about the Amsterdam City Doughnut. Access the recording … Continue reading Wellbeing Economics/Amsterdam City Doughnut