Reports from past events

Where Next on the Climate and Ecological Emergency?  Wednesday 26 June 2019.

Our ‘asks’ were sent to Edinburgh city and Lothian list MSPs on Monday
September 23. This is just before a debate in Parliament on the Climate
Bill which is due on Wednesday 25 September

 June 26 asks

June 26 transcripts

Healthy Streets event 22 May 2019

Healthy Streets 2 transcripts and key messages

Climate Emergency event April 25 2019

On February 13, 2019 Transition Edinburgh held a ‘Plotting and Planning‘ event. This was well attended. Supporters from Friends of the Earth Edinburgh, Extinction Rebellion and 3E were there. The main purpose of the evening was to collate inspirations for what actions are needed to move us towards Carbon Neutral Edinburgh.

The resulting pages showed that there is much to be done, far more than Transition Edinburgh has the capacity to follow up. It is hoped that other organisations will find these lists of actions useful. For more information Feb 13 2019

“Democracy Matters” workshop 03 November 2018 as part of Edinburgh Eco Fair 10-4pm at Out of the Blue, 36 Dalmeny St TE Nov 3 DM Rpt

Sustainability Fair 20 October 2018

Report of Oct 20 Sustainability Fair

Conversation 1
Conversation 1 summary
Contributions from event

Conversation 2
Conversation 2 summary
Contributions from event
Heather Anderson presentation
Edinburgh Food Social presentation

Conversation 3
Conversation 3 summary
Contributions from event

Conversation 4
Conversation 4 summary
Comments on the event

Conversation 5
Conversation 5 summary
Workshop notes

Conversation 6
Conversation 6 summary
Conversations 3 and 6 actions and notes