Deep South Meetings

Hi all,

You will be very welcome at our meetings.
All are 7.30 – 9.30 at the Pentland Community Centre on Oxgangs Brae, in the back lounge. The Community Centre is east of the Library and south of the Good Companions. Buses 27, 16, 5 and 4 all come close.


Wednesday 20 May – Sitar Ramsay from Changeworks
Energy awareness and Home Energy Check training content (times are approximate, depending on discussion) Continue reading “Deep South Meetings”

Deep South Meetings March and April 2009

These meetings will appear under ‘Events of Interest’ in the right column of this web site closer to the time:

Tuesday March 24  7.30pm at Pentland Community Centre, Oxgangs Brae
Agric Hardon on Growing Vegetables for a Community

Tuesday April 21  7.30pm at Pentland Community Centre, Oxgangs Brae
Discussion of progress and plans of groups on awareness raising,  food and growing it,  energy.