Edinburgh Event on 3rd May 2009

Transition Edinburgh invites local Transition group members and anyone else who is interested to a friendly afternoon of:

  • Meeting each other
  • Hearing about the range of existing local activity
  • Joining groups and making new ones
  • Participating in workshops on consensus decision-making and community engagement

Transition Edinburgh Momentum Afternoon
Time: 1pm – 5.30pm Sunday 3rd May
Place: City Council Chambers, High Street, Edinburgh
For: Anyone who wants to get involved and anyone who is already involved
Lunch: FREE (from 1pm, meeting starts at 1.30 pm)

No Charge, but please book by contacting Hamish: deveronclyde@hotmail.com, or leave a message at 0131 651 6410

See image of poster below (click here to download PDF)

Poster for event on 3/5/2009
Poster for event on 3/5/2009

Transition Edinburgh Minutes for Meeting on March 7, 2009

Facilitator: Hamish Ross
Minute-taker: Alette Willis

1. Review of Minutes from Previous Meeting.
Decision made:
– Accepted

2. Resilient City Event Update.
The working group is currently looking at the weekend of October 2-4, 2009. The Filmhouse is happy to show the Transition Movie on the Friday night, as long as they have a chance to see it first. Continue reading “Transition Edinburgh Minutes for Meeting on March 7, 2009”

Invite to climate change event at Scottish Parliament

Climate change; the need to lead
Why Scotland’s climate bill matters to the world’s poorest

Thursday 19th March at 6pm at the Scottish Parliament.

As part of SCCS’s climate campaign, SCIAF, the World Development Movement, Christian Aid and Oxfam are hosting a reception at the Scottish Parliament to highlight Scotland’s global responsibility to ensure a strong climate bill. Continue reading “Invite to climate change event at Scottish Parliament”

Draft Minutes from Steering Group 1st Feb 2009

Transition Edinburgh
DRAFT Minutes of Meeting of 1 Feb 2009, 2–4pm City Chambers Business Centre
Chaired by: David Somervell (17 attended)
1. Previous Minutes
None were available. However Lukas agreed to bring the list of members of the
Management Committee to the next meeting. The constitution provided for some
additional committee members. It was suggested Committee members take on
roles. One would be ensuring that people attending for the first time were made
welcome. David Somervell joined the Committee representing Transition
Edinburgh University. Mike Ferrigan agreed to be school/Piper liaison. Continue reading “Draft Minutes from Steering Group 1st Feb 2009”

Minutes of Steering Group Meeting 9th November 2008

Transition Edinburgh meeting 9th November 2008


We had a very long discussion about how to organise ourselves. We eventually elected a Chair (Eva Schonveld), a Secretary (Lukas Lehmann), and a Treasurer (Hamish Ross), with the proviso that these posts were principally for our official documentation, and would not unduly affect the way we conduct our meeting to meeting business. We also agreed that we would have a board of about 12-16 people, some of whom were nominated at the meeting. We agreed that people with an EH postcode could be members who could vote on official business. We did not to my knowledge agree who was going to take the actual registration, and setting up of a bank account forward.

resilient city

We talked about an event possibly for summer 2009, which would bring together as many organisations in Edinburgh who were working on building local resilience one way or another. We’d invite them to share what they are working on, have talks, workshops and also a good deal of space for people to network, share ideas and make plans

date of next meeting

We decided to keep it social, and show ‘The Power of Community’ which is about the Cuban experience of losing 50% of their oil overnight.  The date was set for the 17th of December.