Public meeting: Hydroelectric Power generation in Dean Village

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at 7.30pm

Dean Parish Church Hall, Dean Path

The City of Edinburgh Council has identified a number of sites along the Water of Leith suitable for placing micro hydroelectric power generators. One such site is the lower weir downstream from West Mill in Dean Village. The generator would provide 50 – 60kw of power. Once in place it would generate power continuously with only occasional servicing. The power generated would be sold to the grid, thus providing an income. Continue reading “Public meeting: Hydroelectric Power generation in Dean Village”

Heart and Soul Blog

The city-wide Heart and Soul group has a blog at

Extract from the introduction:

The Heart & Soul group aims to provide a space to reflect on the psychological and spiritual dimensions of our current ecological and cultural crisis. As a society we are only beginning the process of confronting ecological and geological realities that are unique in human history. It is a time of uncertainty and some foreboding.

However, it is also a time of excitement and opportunity. The collapsing industrial system affords us the opportunity to put in place the means to live sane lives, to work on behalf of the larger whole and to live in harmony with inner and outer nature.