Transition Edinburgh’s Podcast: Climate Emergen-Z

During a meeting in which we decided recording written interviews for the Transition Edinburgh website may be an interesting addition to our blog, a member of the Steering Group suggested recording the audio for these interviews too. Out of this idea, Climate Emergen-Z, Transition Edinburgh’s podcast, was born.

As Edinbrugh transitions to a just and green society and works towards the target of Net Zero 2030, we must be collecting and sharing our ideas, solutions, and thoughts in judgement-free, educational spaces. The purpose of this podcast is to explore the issues within the climate movement city-wide and worldwide, explore solutions and ideas that will lead us closer to a climate neutral capital, and to ensure that we do this with an emphasis on intersectionality.

The podcast is hosted by Mary O’Driscoll, our Social Media and Website Content Coordinator, and it is released every second Sunday.

Image: Adam Wilson, Unsplash.

Below is a summary of each episode so far:

Episode 1:

Introducing Transition Edinburgh

As our first ever episode, it feels appropriate to introduce listeners to Transition Edinburgh and the Convenor, David Somervell, former Sustainability Advisor to Edinburgh University and long-term climate activist. In this episode, David answers Mary’s questions about the history of Transition Edinburgh, it’s current projects, and future aspirations.

Episode 2:

Ableism in the Climate Movement

In this episode I speak to Emily Simmons, founder of dubble, an online platform dedicated to telling the stories of disabled and chronically ill people. We discuss ableism within the climate movement, a Just and Green Recovery from Covid-19, and how to make activism more inclusive.

Access the dubble website here.

Episode 3:

Solar Energy and Heat Networks

In this episode I speak to Johanna Carrie, a member of Transition Edinburgh’s Steering Group, Lead Activist in Fairmilehead Energy Hub, and one of the founder board members of the Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative. She has been a climate activist since the 1970s and has built up a wealth of knowledge on energy in that time. We discuss solar energy, heat networks, and the importance of a coordinated effort to enable Edinburgh to transition to renewables. 

Access Fairmilehead Energy Hub’s Facebook page here.

And the Edinburgh Community Solar Cooperative’s website here: 

Episode 4:

Student Environmentalism

In this episode I speak to Ewan Batty, an Environmental Management student from Glasgow Caledonian University. We discuss student environmentalism, incremental vs. radical change, similarities between the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis, and the role of language when conveying the urgency of the climate crisis.

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