Just and Green Recovery for Scotland

We are backing Just and Green Recovery Scotland’s Week of Action on 4 – 11 November to put pressure on MSPs to match their words with action. A few months ago the Scottish Government promised us a “revolution in economic thinking” and a move towards a wellbeing economy. With families already feeling the pain of the worst recession Scotland has faced for generations, the time for action is now.

The campaign is a broad coalition of organisations, from grassroots community groups to trade unions and international NGOs, united by a common recognition of the need for a recovery that protects and creates good jobs, ensures an adequate income for everyone, boosts funding in our vital public services and tackles the climate emergency.

Supporters across Scotland will be asking their MSPs to set up an online meeting with constituents during the Week of Action to discuss the need for a fair recovery so we can create a more sustainable, equal world for everyone. You can get involved in Virtual Lobby: Real Change by signing up here.

This is a critical moment because politicians and civil servants are already drawing up recovery plans to deal with the economic fallout from the pandemic. The impact of choices they make now will be felt by us for years to come. Now is the time to use our collective power to make sure that we really do build back better.