Transition Edinburgh:  Collective hopes for 2018

On Friday 26 January friends and supporters sat down for a convivial evening meal at the Greyfriars Charteris Centre on the Pleasance.  A new social enterprise “Prep Table” offers pop-up Friday community meals and fifteen of us went along for a delicious two-course meal for just £12.  See Fiona’s next one on

After the meal we dreamt up wishes for 2018 and stuck them on a big Wishing Tree:

Multiple wishes

  • Electric buses – electric charging points – bikes easily hired and charged
  • Food security – no poverty – equality – electric cars – better quality homes
  • I would like to install solar panels, increase availability of allotments and I would like to purchase electric vehicles, reduce congestion and air pollution in Edinburgh
  • More love being expressed, more community building across the divide, more courageous vulnerable, open dialogue.

Mainly waste

  • Genuine glass, plastic, metal recycling with deposits refunded
  • Using cotton or fibre bags instead of plastic
  • Fruits and veg. without packaging
  • Make plastic history / Reduce plastic.

Mainly energy

  • Effective discussion around energy sharing and smart grids take place
  • Free water in cafes, pubs, restaurants and public places like Waverley Station.

Mainly food and growing / green spaces

  • Ask the local authority for a key contact in relation to community gardens
  • Expand community gardens in the Southside
  • Grow some of my food and explore more the ideas in the DRAWDOWN book
  • Make community gardening on organic principles, more mutually supporting and join up across the city
  • Get everyone community gardening / young people interested in food and learn how to prepare food to be healthy.

Mainly transport

  • I would like more active travelling in Edinburgh on foot or on bicycle.
  • Fewer people traveling by car.  Edinburgh car free
  • Tax relief for annual bus passes for work and school.

Zero Carbon Edinburgh

  • I hope we can achieve a big across parties / across sector commitment to ZCE
  • We hold a ZCE exhibition in the Holyrood parliament building
  • All Edinburgh planning guidance has a ‘general principles’ statement at the introduction, advocating climate change mitigation and reducing poverty.

Key findings in groups

  • Clean, cheap transportation, active travel, electric cars  (5 participants)
  • No plastic, waste and packaging  (4 participants)
  • Community gardens, Key point of contact in local authority, expand in Southside, organic, joined up across city  (4 participants)
  • Poverty and equality, expressed love, social cohesion (2 participants)
  • Energy sharing, solar panels and smart grids (2 participants)
  • Local food growth, prepare healthy food (2 participants)
  • Commitment to ZCE (2 participants)
  • Recycling  with deposits refunded (1 participants).

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