PEG Energy Workshop 4th October 2009

Raw Output from workshop

This is merely the typed up notes from the workshop. Workshop attendees should suggest any updates in comments. Or add extra thoughts since the workshop.


What can we do?

–       Schools

–       Individual homes

–       Tenements (and other flats) are communities. How do we get together with neighbours to take action?

Create a tenement template for sustainability: energy efficiency and back greens. “How-to” and costs

Incorporate energy efficiency / renewables into repairs

Tools to help engage neighbours. A way to assess the potential energy saving

An outside organisation to support / enable

Knowledge and info materials

–       costs

–       grants and loans

–       planning

–       payback time

–       Tenements Scotland Act – majority rule

–       Process time

–       Energy Performance Certificate

Potential tasks

Neighbour contact

–      how to create group identity

Learn who neighbours are

–      reason to make contact (backgreen BBQ?)

–      through factor?

Holding social events to start building community in tenement

Use communal space

–     Back green?

–     Notice board?

List possible motivations

–     lower bills

–     save the world!

–     Charge more rent

Read ‘Carbon Reduction in Tenements’

Identify problem first

Check out Changeworks website

Read ‘Energy Heritage’ as background info for energy efficiency in tenements

Get hold of information about energy efficiency and renewables in tenements and circulate

Produce briefing note for tenements

–     Measure cost saving

–     How to

Produce an information pack (could be pieced together with info from Changeworks)

One side A4 summary of tenement energy issues

–     Changeworks to produce

–     Volunteer (today’s attendees) to deliver to each flat

Contact ESSac about support for Transition Tenement projects on energy efficiency

Email Robert Barnham to replicate Edinburgh libraryies’ energy monitor rentals in Glasgow

Get smart monitors for each flat (or share) – library or power supplier

Find out about own energy use. Compare current to previous bills.

Meet housing association to get thermostat installed on hall radiator, monitor bills over 6 months, make case for HA to install in all flats

Invite someone to survey building to get specific – who does it for free?

Personal home energy assessment

Get Bob to come to see our tenement roof

Get ESSac to give a talk in Energy Saving Week in Glasgow for Transition Tenements Glasgow

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