Public meeting: Hydroelectric Power generation in Dean Village

Tuesday 22nd September 2009 at 7.30pm

Dean Parish Church Hall, Dean Path

The City of Edinburgh Council has identified a number of sites along the Water of Leith suitable for placing micro hydroelectric power generators. One such site is the lower weir downstream from West Mill in Dean Village. The generator would provide 50 – 60kw of power. Once in place it would generate power continuously with only occasional servicing. The power generated would be sold to the grid, thus providing an income.

The probable cost of installing the generator would be in the region of £160000. This outlay will be recovered in ten to twelve years, i.e. a return of around 9%, exceptional even in normal times. This income stream would continue in perpetuity, would be inflation proof, and would increase as energy costs increase.

The Dean Village Association is having a Public Meeting to discuss this issue, with interested parties attending to give information and advice. The object of the meeting will be to determine the will of the residents to pursue this project. If the meeting decides in favour of the hydro-electric generator, we can ask that the Dean Village West Mill site be included in a technical study by Community Energy Scotland.

The public meeting will take place on Tuesday 22nd September at 7.30pm in the Dean Village Church Hall. Members of other community groups that have already decided to take the project forward to the planning stage have been invited. Representatives of the Sustainable Development unit of the City of Edinburgh Council will also be present, andour Inverleith councillors have also been invited.

The Water of Leith has a long history of producing power from its flow; indeed 76 mills were operating along the length of the river in the eighteenth century. Therefore installing these microturbines to convert water power to electrical power is a great opportunity to once again use the flow of the Water of Leith. The Dean Village Association would like as many residents as possible to attend this meeting, and give their support for this great opportunity.