Minutes from City Wide Meeting 3 August 2009

Transition Edinburgh, 3 August 2009, City Chambers

Present: Pat, Johanna, Mike F

Apologies: Michelle, Liam

Actions from previous minutes
Minutes had been circulated, but were not read; therefore defer actions below from July 12 to another meeting.
Painting Edinburgh Green (PEG) considering a joint bid with Neighbourhood Partnerships across the city

DVD from Transition Training. John to go through for useful ideas.



Actions  all deferred from July 12

Gerri to talk to John about public speaking training.


Membership list Joe Payne

Looking for a list of interested people for Transition Edinburgh

Joe TV
Company of Association – clarify whether a management team is required. Date of AGM ? 15 months from constitution EVA/Gerri
Eva is resigning and new chair required for Transition Edinburgh at AGM in October .

Brian is in discussion with RBS about possible forest garden in Dundas Street.

All Members

All actions to be taken forward on August 20

August 3  discussion and action
TE Meetings; attendance and communication.

Low number very disappointing.

Meetings need clear organisation so people know when and why to come.

New members should be welcomed as deliberate policy.

Some conflict ?   between democratic involvement / avoidance of cliché ie Transition ethos and clear roles so that meetings are organised and purposeful ( what we want out of Transition Edinburgh meetings was not discussed )

Membership of yahoo group should be invited to raise issues for meetings to discuss.

Awareness raising – a major issue as ‘most people’ do not think climate change or peak oil really matter.

Sources of information:

Climate Safety  http://www.climatesafety.org/ from Michelle

Meatrix ( google – on YouTube ) from Mike

Are you a believer  George Marshall in New Scientist July 25 ’09  from Johanna

What actions are needed urgently ?

All – possibly after PEG
Main discussion South’s Energy day on Sept 5 and Piper, including how they will work together.

Also vision of how Transition and Piper could work over the whole of Scotland.

Mention of Comrie strategy of regular meetings to which invitation goes to all local groups concerned with climate change, sustainability ( and peak oil )

Pat   Mike
Transition Edinburgh meeting Saturday Sept 12  City Chambers Business Centre 2.00 pm

Comment on meetings and next date to yahoo group ASAP

Draft minutes to yahoo group ASAP

Draft minutes and date to Sept meeting on web site – please

Book Business Centre – possibly working with alternative councillor contact; possibly provisional booking of series of dates.

Reminder of meeting and agenda to yahoo group  end of August






Date of next TE meeting 12nd September, 2.00 p.m. City Chambers

Date of next PEG meeting, 20th August, 7p.m. Liam’s 6 Anne House, Bells Wynd146 High Street