Minutes from City Wide Meeting 12 July 2009

Correctly formatted PDF version available – Transition Edinburgh mins 12 July 09

Transition Edinburgh, 12 July 2009, City Chambers
Present: Liam, Eva, Gerri, Joe TV, Pat
Apologies: Hamish, John, Johanna, Joe L
Actions from previous minutes
Bank account has been set up with Hamish, Eva, Johanna, John and Liam as signatories

Action will not be taken for Climate Challenge Funding. No application outstanding

Painting Edinburgh Green (PEG) considering a joint bid with Neighbourhood Partnerships across the city

DVD from Transition Training. John to go through for useful ideas.    Eva


Gerri to talk to John about public speaking training.

Membership list Joe Payne
Looking for a list of interested people for Transition Edinburgh
Joe TV
Company of Association – clarify whether a management team is required. Date of AGM ? 15 months from constitution
Eva is resigning and new chair required for Transition Edinburgh at AGM in October .

Brian is in discussion with RBS about possible forest garden in Dundas Street.
All Members
Large map for those interested in joining a transition group. Contact details on a sticky on map.

TE to help groups come together.

A move from Yahoo groups to ning (currently used by Glasgow) was proposed. It will be tested by 5 present at meeting. Liam to move files over.
Big Lunch/ Treefest

All present/Liam
Meeting Arrangements/AGM
Eva to ask Maggie how we can make sure this venue is booked. We may be able to block book and reminders to go out 2 days beforehand. First weekend in the month was agreed for meetings, starting in August.

Revisit after PEG and at AGM, should meetings be quarterly. AGM to be held on 17th October 2.00 – 4.30 p.m. There will be food etc.

One man, one cow, one planet was recommended as a film to see.

Public liability Insurance    Eva

Venue after the Blue (£300) to be revisited for number of stalls possible. Gerri will also ask for a food quote.
Council will help out with printing and getting it into local papers. Marian Paget (sustainable development) indicated that they will match funding. Liam to ask if they will match fund £2500. She indicated that council will help with printing and may give time. Ask if able to help with design.    Liam
Chris from the council can put info on PEG in Outlook. A copy  has just gone out for summer, so can probably get it into Autumn edition.    Liam

Eva to make a start on leaflets and they have a new start in TS that will probably take it over.    EVA +1
Speakers for PEG
FOOD – Grow Sheffield has been asked, but Eva to ask Claire from Bristol
Gerri to check with Allette about reskilling    Gerri

Fashion show    Pat
Eva to see if there is wording on Pedal storyboards that can be used.    Eva
Similarly TES presentation    Pat
Structure of 2nd day
Focus of themed workshops – How do we relocalise Edinburgh?
Paid Facilitators to make the best of discussions and ensure that threads are captured. Will also ensure consistency of feedback. Facilitator/scribe and filmer. Pete Ritchie would be excellent for food.
Four strands
•    Food
•    Energy
•    Transport
•    Reskilling

Date of FOOD PEG meeting – 21st July, Forest Café
Date of next TE meeting 2nd August, 2.15 p.m. City Chambers
Date of next PEG meeting, 20th August, 7p.m. Liam’s