Painting Edinburgh Green Minutes, 26 May 2009

Painting Edinburgh Green, 26 May 2009, 6 Anne House
Present: Liam, Eva, Gerri, John, Lisa (Kirknewton), Pat

Concern that with holiday months July and August we only have 8 weeks to organise event.

Liam has updated energy timeline. Liam to give access to plan.

John visited both Roxy Arts Centre and Out of the Blue. After discussion the latter was felt to be the better venue. John to confirm.

Bid for funding has to be in by next week. Expression of interest imminent.

Free entry and free lunch to be factored in to bid.     Gerri
List of approximate costings
Venue    £1000
Public Liability (1 Yr)    £700
Flyers/posters    £400
Leaflets/Pledge    £200
Travel expenses/Fees (3 people)    £600
Lunches (£5 per head)    £500
Childrens activities plus materials
For reskilling    £500
PA system    £500
10 A1 laminated notices    £?
Bicycle smoothy maker    £?
Clown/childrens entertainment    £500
Banner    £200
Hire more tables    £200

Other possibilities
Apple press Royal Edinburgh (Pat)
Transport – eco driving?
Visioning on cycle paths – get Spokes involved – where in Edinburgh would you put a windmill?
Slow Food – Pat speaking to Wendy Barrie mid June.
Julian Siann micro hydro Leith.
Margo Smith – Castlemilk and Carmunnoch Community Wind Power Trust
TES energy project
Thermal panels
Allie Tibbett – Active Leith
Swap-o-rama clothes swap
Fashion Show
Sustrans, City car Club, Car shares, Cycle Streets

Heart and Soul will be throughout event.
Waste will not be a separate subject but dealt with under other topics.

John thought space for 15 to 20 stalls. John to see if he can get floor plans
Those being asked to participate will be given a response date of end June and asked if they can let us know if they are definitely not interested.
Date of next meeting – 7p.m., 30 June 2009, at Liam’s