Painting Edinburgh Green Minutes 30/4/2009

Painting Edinburgh Green

Minutes 30/4/2009

Liam to give googledocs access  to planning and theme documents to everyone who needs it! Everyone to check they have access and let Liam know if not

John agreed to pick this task up from Eva, and follow up both Roxy Arts Centre and Teviot  

Costings and CCF Bid

John to contact Comrie (Emma Margret) and discuss their experience.
Gerri to contact Rebecca Vivers at CCF and ask for copies of any other successful event bids
Gerri to check out ‘fast track’ bid process with CCF and deadlines for next panel
John to cost each item on costings list
John and Gerri to work together on bid

Postscript – We agreed at the Momentum building event to look at the Expression of Interest for Ed City which was prepared in Feb and see what we might be able to include in this bid, rather than send in two bids at this point in time)

Each theme co-ordinator(s) to prepare a plan for their theme including need for the marketplace space, workshop space and time for talks and bring to next meeting. This will need to be based on responses so far from Transition and other groups. This will enable us to better assess our venue options.

(Gerri to confirm with Allette that she is still happy to co-ordinate Reskilling)

Eva and Joe – Food (Some more ideas have been added to themes doc)
Liam and Johanna – Energy
Gerri – Transport
Allette – Reskilling
John and Allette – Heart and Soul

Draft Agenda 26/5/2009

1)    Review overall plan and timeline
2)    Review plan for each themed area
3)    Review venue options and if possible agree venue (see notes below)
4)    Review costings and agree expression of interest toCCF