Deep South Meetings

Hi all,

You will be very welcome at our meetings.
All are 7.30 – 9.30 at the Pentland Community Centre on Oxgangs Brae, in the back lounge. The Community Centre is east of the Library and south of the Good Companions. Buses 27, 16, 5 and 4 all come close.


Wednesday 20 May – Sitar Ramsay from Changeworks
Energy awareness and Home Energy Check training content (times are approximate, depending on discussion)
a.. Energy Saving Scotland advice centre: who we are, how we fit with Energy Saving Trust – 10 minutes
b.. Energy saving in the home: 30 minutes on why where and how to get the best energy savings in the home
c.. Grants from utilities and the Scottish Government – 10 mins
d.. Home Energy Check step by step: Each complete a questionnaire and raise any questions or issues as we go through why it asks what it asks, what to expect, – 30 mins
e.. What happens to the information collected on the Home energy Check – feedback to the group; into the Home energy efficiency database; data protection – 10 mins
f.. Awkward questions – finding answers – 30mins
Wednesday May 27 Film The Carbon Connection ( 40 minutes ) + planning next steps of our energy project

Tuesday June 23 Food and Growing Space – update on developments, feedback on ‘eating local’
+ discussion of our draft constitution
+ if time – July 19 lunch and / or actions to reduce food waste