Minutes of Transition Edinburgh Meeting Sunday 5th April, 2009

Properly formatted PDF version of minutes available here – minutes-05-04-2009

Transition Edinburgh Meeting Sunday 5th April, 2009 2pm – 4pm
1. Minutes
2. Resilient City
3. Banking
4. Training
5. Funding
6. Communication Group
7. May 3rd Event
8. Botanics Event
9. Membership
10. Secretary
11. Local Reports
12. AOB
1. Minutes
Minutes from last meeting carried.
2. Resilient City
The Resilient City event has been renamed to ‘Painting Edinburgh Green’. This new name
is seen to be more inclusive. The event aims to bring communities together.
The event is more likely to use a University venue (Teviot) rather than the Botanics as
previously envisaged. The event is scheduled for the first week in October. The Filmhouse
has agreed to show the Transition Movie (assuming its ready) on Friday 1st October. The
focus of the Saturday event will be on showcasing existing initiatives using stalls etc. and
is targeted at the general public. It is intended to be a fun day, with activities such as a
fashion show being suggested. The Sunday event is aimed at activists and will consist of
Open Space events and workshops. The whole event will focus on the following themes:
Transport, Food (growing and trees), Energy, Heart & Soul, (Waste), Re-skilling.
Call for extra volunteers to help out, particularly with Transport theme.
3. Banking
The process of opening a bank account is nearing completion. Ideally, two further
signatories are required, although this is not absolutely necessary but would make
administration easier. It was announced that Lukas will be retiring from the role of
Secretary in the near future and that therefore a replacement would need to be found. It is
very likely that the replacement would become a signatory on the organisations account.
Current signatories are: Hamish, Eva, Liam, Johanna, Lukas
The bank account will be opened with the Unity Trust Bank.
The Terms & Conditions for opening a Unity Bank Account were accepted.
4. Training
It was suggested by Michelle that the current training being run by the Transition Edinburgh South
Group (TES) might be extended to the wider Transition Edinburgh Group(s). Current training
initiatives being run by TE South include:
Community Audit Workshop – delivered by Eurig Scandrett
TES intend to provide training on Community Engagement as part of an Energy Project.
Sitar Ramsay from Changeworks will deliver training on Energy Efficiency. This could be delivered
to the combined South and Deep South, depending on numbers.
There is an intention to provide training in Structured and Motivational Interviewing techniques.
Michell Hipwell will run a Mindfulness and Body Awareness workshop on evening of 22nd April from
7 – 9pm. Venue TBC but may be DeVidium Tower at the University.
The Public Speaking & Chairing Meetings training already run by TES could be repeated for other
It was agreed that Consensus Decision Making would be very useful and was originally where the
desire for training arose. It was suggested that this could be run in place of the May3rd event if that
doesn’t come off.
IT training would be useful. IT is core to Transition communications. However, it was suggested
that IT training needs to be focussed. Training is not necessarily synonymous with ‘training events’
per se, but could take the form of ‘one-to-one’ sessions with an IT ‘buddy’.
A suggestion was made that a centrally held ‘skills bank’ would be useful.
Documentation of IT systems could also be useful and an offer to develop some documentation
was made by..??
5. Funding
The idea of Transition Scotland Support (TSS) to provide ‘setup’ funding for local initiatives using
monies from the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) has not received the support of the fund itself. The
fund does not want proxy organisations delivering funding on the CCF’s behalf. Groups must make
their own applications direct to CCF.
TSS aim to produce a pro-forma or template application which they intend to test using one of the
Local Groups. This template would then be made available to the wider community.
Lucas suggested that TE could act as source of funds for Local Groups, e.g. by paying for venue
hire for awareness raising events etc.
TE have submitted a Note of Interest to CCF for purchase of AV equipment for use by local groups
doing awareness raising. Equipment to include, projector, microphones, DVD player, folding tables
and display boards. It’s also intended to purchase DVD’s and to have funds available for Flyer and
Leaflet production and printing.
It was agreed that there is a need for central resources which local groups can draw on for
awareness raising as this would reduce duplication of equipment and is in keeping with the
movements environmental objectives.
The issue of what the purpose of TE actually is was raised. It was suggested by Lukas that the
focus of its activities should be both city-wide and local. There are ways of making progress on
‘cross-cutting’ issues, for example Transport, that cannot be done by local groups acting alone.
Hamish made the point that there would always be a role for the central group in promoting local
Neighbourhood Partnerships, via their Community Grants Funds are a good source of funding for
Local Groups.
Lukas made the suggestion that there is a need for a funding sub-group. This may have a
changing membership, but there is a need to avoid re-inventing the wheel and to have consistency
of approach.
The following people will participate in the funding sub-group: Gerri, Joe TV, John, Lukas, Michelle,
John and Gerri will meet to discuss the October event.
Lukas will resubmit the TE Note of Interest to The Climate Challenge Fund.
6. Communications and Inclusion Group
Liam stressed the ‘inclusion’ aspect of the group and that the groups remit is not just in the areas
of IT and Communications.
Liam has prepared an email summary of the IT tools currently in use by TE.
The group is currently working on gathering requirements for IT systems, and are currently trying
to agree a text on this and are close to a first draft.
The group will be asking for feedback on the IT tools summary and the requirements document.
7. May 3rd Event
The May 3rd event is envisaged as a city-wide event intended to catalyse local groups. The
intention was to leverage awareness of Transition generated at the Age of Stupid film showing and
from the Botanics Event, scheduled for 12th April next.
The May 3rd Event will be held at the Business Centre, City Chambers from 12:30pm until 6:00pm.
Food will be provided.
It was agreed that the opportunity to generate new membership from the Age of Stupid may have
been missed as we did not manage to get any new email contacts or members.
It was stressed that there is very little time to prepare for the event.
Catherine offered to put up posters on the King’s Building campus if required.
There was a suggestion that the current membership is relatively static and that the event should
seek to draw in existing members who might not be very active at the moment. There is a need to
demonstrate that there is ‘stuff happening’. The event should be about consolidation.
There was a suggestion that the event include some of the training minuted earlier.
There was a suggestion that members could bring two additional people to the event to boost
8. Botanics Event Sunday 12th April
The event will take place at the Reallive Science Studio (East Gate) between 12pm and 1pm.
Alastair Hamilton will speak on Peak Oil, and Eva Schonveld will speak about Transition Towns.
Michelle Hipwell will chair a short question and answer session after the speakers.
There is a need for representatives of local groups to attend, so potential new members can be
directed to the relevant local group for further information.
Congratulations were offered to Julia Leyden and Joe Payne for setting up the connections and
getting the event into the Science Festival.
Alette to compile the Leaflets for the event.
Local groups to update the relevant part of the leaflet.
9. Membership
Lukas stressed that the groups constitution requires that a list of members be kept.
Hamish summarised the existing structure of the organisation. There are 15 places on the
management committee. There are three elected members, Secretary, Treasurer and Chair.
There are no special management committee meetings.
There was general discussion around issue of what constitutes membership. Are the members
simply those signed up to the yahoo group.
Liam suggested there should be a detachable section on leaflets which people could use to sign
up for membership.
To create a mechanism for opt-in to membership.
Hamish to collate list of member names and addresses.
Communications group to liaise with Secretary to create detachable membership forms on leaflets.
10. Secretary
Congratulations were offered to Lukas Lehmann on his new job. The functions of the role of
Secretary were re iterated:
• Keeping list of members
• Gathering information for agendas
• Signatory on bank account.
Following Lukas’s decision to resign Secretary role a vote was taken which elected John Ireson as
the new Secretary and Joe TV as Membership Secretary.
Joe TV to take over compiling list of members from Hamish.
11. Local Groups
Edinburgh Community Energy Cooperative
Liam gave some feedback on the Edinburgh Community Energy Cooperative. They are a
constituted group with a Bank Account. Their AGM is on 9th May next. They’re interested in
keeping up to date on low-carbon initiatives happening a community level throughout
Edinburgh. Liam extended an invitation to Local Groups to speak to the group before the
Liam offered help of the Coop to local groups tacking energy issues.
Transition Edinburgh South
Michelle Hipwell gave update on activities of Transition Edinburgh South. The group is
currently working on an Energy Project involving two Tenement Streets in Edinburgh. They
plan to run a community engagement event and to go door-to-door to do both structured
and motivational interviewing and to collect information about what energy efficiency
measures residents may have already implemented.
A second phase of the project would provide more in-depth energy efficiency advice.
For information on training initiatives being run by the group see item 4. Above.
Deep South
Joanna gave update on Deep South Group. The group is growing with a current
membership just under 20. Their next meeting is on April 21st where they plan to discuss
how the group can take its next steps. They’re interested in Energy Audits and have had a
meeting with Changeworks to look for more information. They’re also looking for land to
grow food locally. They need to adopt a constitution.
North Central
Brian and Alette gave an update on the North Central Group. The group are still focussed
on getting a .25 acre site developed as a Community Garden. They’ve had a round of
meetings with local Councillors and have broad support for the idea. The group is
currently working on a proposal to RBS, the owners of the plot.
Heart & Soul
Alette recently attended an extended workshop on Storytelling and Transition hosted by
Emerson College. Some of those who had developed Transition Tales (Totnes) were
involved. Alette plans to feedback some of these experiences to the next Heart & Soul
12. AOB
The next meeting of Transition Edinburgh will be on Saturday 6th June, 2009 from 2pm –