Transition Edinburgh Minutes for Meeting on March 7, 2009

Facilitator: Hamish Ross
Minute-taker: Alette Willis

1. Review of Minutes from Previous Meeting.
Decision made:
– Accepted

2. Resilient City Event Update.
The working group is currently looking at the weekend of October 2-4, 2009. The Filmhouse is happy to show the Transition Movie on the Friday night, as long as they have a chance to see it first.
The Royal Botanical Gardens can host the Saturday event in conjunction to their own programming on food. The space being offered is the as yet un-finished building near the West Gate and there is some concern that this will not be a sufficiently big space.
Sunday’s open space discussions are still looking for a home.
Actions needed:
– Suggestions for event name should be passed on to working group
– More working group members are needed

3. Banking Update.
Hamish thought that Unity Bank seemed more appropriate for a group in our state of organization.
Decisions made:
– Agreed to using Unity Bank
– Agreed to use Transition Scotland as our mailing address
– The following people volunteered to be signatories Hamish Liam Johanna (Eva or Lukas should also be signatories)
Actions needed:
– Hamish will organize via email to get the signatories registered.

4. Adair Turner Lecture Feedback.
People were impressed by the numbers who attended. Many leaflets for Transition Edinburgh were given out (Jo TV has the leftovers). Friends of the Earth recorded and posted the lecture.
Actions needed:
– Michele Hipwell will circulate the url for the lecture recording

5. Training.
At the previous meeting a suggestion was made to provide training opportunities for people across transition groups in Edinburgh. The South group has already held 5 trainings for members of their own group. Dunbar had official Transition Training for a whole weekend facilitated by Totnes people.
Actions needed:
– Hamish and Michele Hipwell will liaise on extending South trainings to the broader Edinburgh Transition community.
– Michele will circulate Sean’s report on the Dunbar training.

6. Funding Update.
Transition Edinburgh did not receive any Climate Challenge funding this round. Transition Scotland got money to be spent by the end of March. Some of the smaller transition initiatives are having difficulties holding events because of a lack of money.
Decisions taken:
– Transition Edinburgh should apply for Climate Challenge funds in the <10,000 category (next deadline is end of May)
– Transition Edinburgh should make a suggestion on behalf of small and new initiatives that Transition Scotland establish a start-up fund for initiatives. Initiatives could apply for up to 200 in funds to pay for such expenses as room and equipment rentals, poster and pamphlet printing, postage, speakers’ expenses etc.
Actions needed:
– Gerri will talk to Lukas about funding opportunities for transition initiatives, particularly the Challenge Fund
– Gerri will write up a proposal for start-up funds and send it to herself and Eva

7. Update from the Communications Group.
Ultimately the aim of the group is to develop and implement a communication strategy for Transition Edinburgh and to keep information flowing between local initiatives. For now, the web-site has been updated. There is a calendar on the website. Local groups are encouraged to submit information on upcoming events to Liam (or one of a 1/2 dozen other people who have permission to update the site) to put on the website. Anyone who would like to be able to post to the website should talk to Liam.
Actions Needed:
– Liam will send out periodic reminders about the website and how information can be put on it, via the yahoo group.

8. Reports from Local Initiatives.
The following initiatives provided updates:
– Deep South has 12 regular members. They recently showed the Cuba film and had lots of discussion. Looking to establish a berry hedge and start up a Lothian Food project. Their focus has been on energy, food and awareness raising
– North-Central is meeting with councilors about the site they wish to use for a community forest garden. There are some plans for awareness raising as well. Note name change.
– Pedal had 80 people at their recent Cuba Night. They are in the process of getting charitable status. They have got challenge funding and now have 2 parttime employees They are developing a business plan and are looking at coming into ownership of local energy production.
– South (formerly South Side) has lots going on as usual. Their energy group is looking at buying a forest to manage for biomass. Their food group is hoping to do some under-storey planting at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital’s orchard. They are also doing guerilla gardening. South is trying to get constituted but running into some issues around membership. They are running many training sessions and films. They are also getting a Heart and Soul Group going.
– Heart and Soul Group is strategizing around making heart and soul an integral part of the upcoming Resilient City event. They are meeting regularly with changing attendance most months. Brian has recently started a blog for the group, the idea being that we can share what we did and what resources we used with the rest of the initiatives in Edinburgh and beyond.

9. Other Business.
Speaking Opportunity at the Royal Botanical Gardens. On April 12th, as part of the science festival, the RBG-E has invited the South group to make a 45 minute presentation. The South group would like to extend the invitation to Transition Edinburgh. Julia is the person who has the contact with RBG-E
Decisions taken:
– We will have three speakers. One to introduce the issues of Peak Oil and Climate Change (Alasdair). The second to introduce Transition Towns (Eva). And the third to give a brief overview of what transition initiatives in Edinburgh are doing (?).
Actions Needed:
– We need to identify a third speaker
– We need to organize the talk at the next meeting Age of Stupid Release. The showing that Transition Edinburgh is participating in is on Saturday March 21st at 5:45pm. There was a discussion of the need to build on the momentum from the movie release by holding an event not long after.
Decisions Taken:
– We will hold an event at City Chambers from 12:30 to 6:00 on May 3rd.
– Working group for this event includes: Hamish, Tom, Pat, Johanna, and Michele, with Gerri taking the lead.
Actions Needed:
– We need to collect emails and postcodes of interested people from the Age of Stupid screening and from the RBG-E presentation in April
– We need to plan what this event will involve (possibly similar to the last event that led to the formation of the local initiatives). Choosing Our Futures DVD. Joe has copies of the DVD of the 2050 McCaulty Institute Film “Choosing Our Futures” for groups to borrow.

10. To be discussed at the next meeting:
– Membership/constitution
– RBG-E Speaking opportunity on April 12th
– May 3rd Momentum Building Event
– What do we call things? (Re)Naming Transition Edinburgh