Notes from 10/2/2009 meeting to plan ‘resilient’ event

Here’s the minutes from the meeting on the 10th.  Do feel free to add in if I’ve missed anything!
Resilient City event meeting
10th Feb 2009
present: John Ireson, Johanna Carrie, Liam Young, Alette Williams, Joe Vargese, Eva Schonveld
apologies: Michele Hipwell

Our next meeting will be in the Bruntsfield Hotel, on Monday the 2nd of March.

Template for the event (all details to be firmed up before next meeting):
Friday p.m. Filmhouse – 1 or 2 films with talks and/or discussion afterwards
Saturday all day: Botanics – programme of workshops, stalls, display/demonstrations and talks
Sunday all day: Assembley Rooms – conference for local activists. Talks in the morning, ‘open space’ style networking in the afternoon.
Suggested dates: Oct 2nd-4th 2009

We need to find out about availability, dates and general levels of support:
John to check with Filmhouse.
Liam to check about venue and other support with council.
Eva to check about venue and involvement of elements other than food with Bots.

We started to form the teams for several ‘strands’ of involvement:
Heart and Soul – Alette and John
Energy – Liam
Re-skilling – Alette
Food – Eva and Joe
Transport –
Waste –
Overview – all
All of these strands need to have more people involved. We are particularly looking for people to take on the Transport and waste strands, though John and Johanna agreed to make a start with these.
We would like a strong element of fun running though the whole event and are looking for people to take on programming things like storytelling, music, face painting, ‘happenings’, games, Powerpod etc.
By next meeting we aim to:

  • have clarified venues and dates (Liam, John, Eva)
  • have checked out the general idea with a few key people/groups/organisations and got a sense of general enthusiasm/feedback (each person to do this in their strand)
  • have teams of more than one person for each strand
  • have generated a few ideas about what to call it!

Liam’s mind map of notes from meeting: