Draft Minutes from Steering Group 1st Feb 2009

Transition Edinburgh
DRAFT Minutes of Meeting of 1 Feb 2009, 2–4pm City Chambers Business Centre
Chaired by: David Somervell (17 attended)
1. Previous Minutes
None were available. However Lukas agreed to bring the list of members of the
Management Committee to the next meeting. The constitution provided for some
additional committee members. It was suggested Committee members take on
roles. One would be ensuring that people attending for the first time were made
welcome. David Somervell joined the Committee representing Transition
Edinburgh University. Mike Ferrigan agreed to be school/Piper liaison.
2. Resilient City Event
Johanna, Michele, Liam, Joe and Alette volunteered to help with this event,
which Eva and others are organising. (Mandy said she would liaise with Simon
if needed). The event is undated but might occur in October. Other events could
tie in with it (e.g. the Botanics local food event or Suffragette anniversary). It
might be one day, or longer, may involve split sites, pre-event film at the
Filmhouse, and a community activity (e.g. litter picking or fruit and veg. sales).
Edinburgh Allotments might publicise.
3. Bank
Hamish agreed that he and two members of the Management Committee would
select a bank. Lukas agreed to set up the membership database.
4. Flyer
Mandy, Joe, Eva, Tom, Johanna and David volunteered to hand out a TE flyer
at the Adair Turner lecture at McEwan Hall on 9 Feb (doors open 5pm).
Registration for the event is required (FOE Scotland website). Lukas agreed to
have his mobile phone number and an alias for his email address (e.g.
Edinburgh@TSS.org.uk) as contact info. David would consider various changes
and bring sufficient copies (suggestions included: ‘wake up’ was too patronising;
highlight contact details and lowlight solar power; remove website reference; use
one diagram; emphasise ‘grass roots’; reduce quantity of text). Alette agreed to
copy edit. The flyer was also needed for: 10 am 7 Feb Quakers’ Friends Meeting
House; Tollcross Green Fare (Barclays Church, Bruntsfield 7 Feb 10-3).
5. Training
There are various kinds of training potentially available relating to content, topics
and processes (such as consensus and facilitation training). The Management
Committee should arrange for someone to take on the role of co-ordinating interlocal-
group liaison on the subject and/or open TE meetings with a training focus.
Michele agreed to ask Alastair Hamilton if she could issue a wider invitation (via
the TE Yahoo group) to register the next Transition Edinburgh Southside event.
6. Website
Lukas will urgently convene a Communications group to deal with the website,
which should include nominees from all local groups and people with web
programming expertise. Johanna will ask a Deep South group candidate. Liam
will attempt some interim management of the current site.
7. Funding
Lukas and Eva will continue with a bid to the Climate Challenge Fund for
equipment that will be used for a major awareness raising campaign over the year.
The bid will probably be reduced to < £10k and they will consider whether
funding for website management should be considered in this or future bids.
8. Local Group and other Reports
8.1. Deep South Group
Johanna said regular meeting numbers had grown (to 15). There had been
two public awareness events, the next (incl. Power of Community) was 23
Feb at Pentland Community Centre, and a local-growing one was planned.
8.2. New Town/Central
Brian said that the group was focusing on 1,000 m2 land for community
ownership and needed £140 for planning enquiries. Next meeting 9 Feb.
8.3. PEDAL (Portobello)
Eva and Justin said that PEDAL now had a physical shop front and that
there was a Salsa Night (21 Feb), Vision Day (29 March) and community
meal. Carbon reduction planning continued and a bid was being made to
fund the Transition Pub. The Community Orchard awaited a Council lease.
8.4. PIPER
Mike said that a sub-group of Currie C.H. School’s Parent Council had
Climate Challenge funds to resource and train similar groups to work in
their communities. Based on schools, this was a replicable model.
8.5. Transition Edinburgh Southside
Michele and Joe said there were 55 members in 3 sub-groups. They were
mapping fruit trees for surplus collection, planned to produce quick/easy
recipes, and were guerrilla planting. A public apple press had been
discovered at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. A more independent website
was planned. A joint Climate Challenge fund bid for an energy efficiency
and carbon reduction survey of two Edinburgh streets was being prepared.
8.6. Transition Edinburgh University
David said there had been 3/4 student-led meetings and a small Climate
Challenge bid was under consideration.
8.7. Heart and Soul Group
Brian said there were 10-12 members at the monthly, Yahoo-groupadvertised
meetings. David highlighted a meeting of related interest at 10
am 7 Feb at the Quakers’ Friends Meeting House.
9. AOB
David suggested bringing forward matters of governance. Eva said that official
TT recognition was an issue for TE and local groups. Mandy: youcancook.org.uk.
Johanna and Tom are listing local growing groups & food sources.
10. Date of Next meeting
Provisionally Saturday 7 March 2pm. Lukas will confirm with agenda and ask
Maggie to book the business centre.