Home energy issues specific to life in Edinburgh?

Lots of towns and cities have Transition initiatives and are working on Energy Descent Action Plans. With climate change and oil increasingly in the news we are all more aware generally of better practices. So what are the issues of particular relevance to those living in Edinburgh?

Multi-occupancy – like in other cities, many of us live in buildings we don’t have complete control over. Some changes require the involvement of many parties – other residents, absent landlords, the council.

Tenements – this is a particular form of multi-occupancy that is common in Edinburgh.

World Heritage site and listed buildings – if your building is listed there are extra considerations for making changes at home.

Many studies and pilot projects have already been completed related to these topics. Consider learning from these and initiating action in your own building.

Changeworks projects:

The Council can help with many housing issues, including a tenement factoring service if required (Edinburgh Stair Partnership) – http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/internet/housing/