Minutes of Deep South Meeting Sept 29 2008

Edinburgh Transition Deep South                                   Minutes of Meeting 1
Monday       Sept 29       2008               2 Caiystane View  7.30

Present:   Helen,  Johanna,   Louise,  Pauline,  Sarah Ann
Apologies: Alan,  Craig,  Tom.
1    Like the name ‘Deep South’.
2    Area covered:   Fairmilehead,  Oxgangs, Firrhill,  Colinton, Inch.
3    All who attend are steering  group at present, when sub groups form new steering group will be made up of representatives from the sub-groups.
4    Next meeting will  be Monday 27 Oct at 2 Caiystane View  7.30
5    Larger meeting will be mid /late November in Pentland Community Centre.      Louise  to explore possible dates – preferably Monday or Wednesday, and cost.
1.    Creating food growing spaces.  Walled garden by Klondyke might be reclaimed; probably owned by Trotter family. Louise to find out who to ask about permission.  This would need funding, for rotivation etc.  Nice idea if surplus produce could be sold at Community Centre
2.    Re-use of polythene bottles – refill with washing up or laundry liquids – Sarah Ann has sources .  Could have people go to her house but using Pentland Community Centre would be better. Louise to sound out Wednesday food co-op on both providing the location and time for a refill service and storing of bulk containers.
3.    Other possible activities:
•    toy swap,
•    children’s nearly new clothes sale,
•    magazine loans/swaps,
•    car shares,
•     pressing for better bus service especially no18 and night buses.
4    Leaflets for November meeting – to be distributed as widely as possible.  Sarah Ann and Craig can provide design skills and laser printing.
5    Notice of start of group and November meeting in local newsletters / magazines.
Ask about
•    possible flyer as insert’
•      maximum length if prefer article to insert
•    and deadline date for issue which will be delivered in early November.
•    Also area of distribution as some streets seem to not be covered by anyone.
Johanna  to ask Emma editor of Fairmile Gazette
Pauline to ask about Peak newsletter ( Firrhill )
Sarah Ann  to ask about Dell newsletter ( Colinton )

Leaflet and article(s)   drafts will be circulated shortly for all to edit and contribute.
Anyone who attends the meeting on Oct 11 – raise the issue of applying for Climate Challenge Funding – by Transition Edinburgh for sharing out or by area groups.

Some extra thoughts from Johanna:
•    If Edinburgh Transition is a properly constituted charity does that mean area groups are also – for bulk buying washing up liquid etc  Is community / charity OK or is co-operative needed ?
•    Some of our post-it ideas which we never discussed could be considered topics on which individuals might want information rather than a focus of community action. Eg insulation regulations and availability of grants.  Is this something the city wide ‘topic’ groups could work on ?
•    Other ideas, eg legislation for cycle routes, require lobbying and campaigning – also a role for the whole City group ?
•    Any other points for the meeting on Oct 11 are welcome – all are encouraged to attend – I intend to be there  Johanna
Email 1/10/08
Transition Edinburgh now has a local group – Edinburgh Deep South – for Fairmilehead, Oxgangs, Colinton and Firrhill.
The Transition Towns movement takes as a starting point the assumption that the Age of Cheap Oil is over.  It follows that changes in how we live are inevitable.  It is not all doom and gloom, we could create lifestyles that are better than the ones we have now.  For more information see     or read The Transition Handbook by Rob Hopkins.

Edinburgh Deep South  invites anyone who is concerned about Climate Change and rising fuel and food prices to a public meeting :
November xx,  7.30  at the Pentland Community Centre,  Oxgangs Brae  ( to be confirmed)  Back Lounge

The meeting will focus on what people want to do to build a vigorous, resilient community, ready to face the challenges ahead, and to support each other.

We are just at the beginning of this process, so you will be in at the start and your ideas will be important.  So far we have discussed:
•    Finding a space to grow food locally – to reduce transport emmissions, to be less dependent on others, for health and for enjoyment
•    Creating a system through which people can refill containers of washing up and laundry liquids – to reduce waste of plastic bottles
•    Toy swaps, children’s nearly new clothes sales, and magazine swaps/loans – all to reduce waste
•    Car sharing – to start to deal with our addiction to car travel
•    Pressing for a better bus service, especially no18 and night buses – to reduce our own car emmissions and further support  the possibility of using cars less
There are many other possibilities for practical action, camaigning and sharing information.  Come  and enjoy the company of like minded people,  you will be in at the start of creating a good future for the next generation as well as for ourselves.