Deep South Ideas from Sept 15 2008

Edinburgh Deep South –   Collation of post-it ideas      Sept 15 2008

Pink  Individual  ; I   ;   we ;   us
Organise group-building / skill sharing event(s)
Reduce my personal energy use; make my flat as energy efficient as possible.
Community forests, orchards, food plots – using local green space
Decentralising management
Consume less
Community building;  finding growing space , meeting space
Would like renewable in my house
Would like council grass dug up and veg planted
Grow and eat more vegetable ( less meat )

Orange  Edinburgh;  Transition; Council etc
Get council to introduce and implement sustainable buildings
Edinburgh Transition organise – big recruitment fair
– skill sharing day
-celebratory party
Promote transition, spread word through smaller groups, like critical mass, link together groups
More pedestrianised inner city zones
Energy grants for renewables within the home

Yellow     Parliament  Holyrood; Westminster
Get rid of plastic bottles as well as plastic bags
Proper Climate Change bill
Grants for insulating houses
Decent public transport
Legislate for cycle paths / routes everywhere
Stop using climate change as an excuse to push through industrial  projects ( eg nuclear )
Get away from thinking that growth / progress is always the answer
Lead by example
Lobby councillors who could in turn lobby MPs
Major ( TV ? )  publicity drive, on need for long term as well as short term action, aimed at business as well as individuals

Green  Other ideas
Have some fun and enjoy it ; it’ll attract more people
Realise you can not eat money
CSI  Community Supported agriculture
More recycle points within the area ie furniture, large electrical etc
Have regular news paragraph in Fairmile Directory and 702 Gazette