Minutes of Transition Edinburgh Steering Group 5th July 2008

Minutes of Transition Edinburgh Steering Group
5th July 2008
Edinburgh City Chambers

Andrew, Ben, Beth, Brian, Eva, Fiona, Hamish, Heather, Johanna, Joe, Joelle, Liam, Lukas, Maggie (minutes), Michèle, Scott (chair), Yuanbuo
Apologies from several people including Ewan Aitken and Peter McColl

Discussion of the constitution, including the following:
–    decision to be an association for now, but a company limited by guarantee in due course, and what this means re charitable status
–    amend Clause 3(a) point 4 to engaging with people …
–    discussion about borrowing money, liability, etc.  Voted to remove the old clause 3(f) enabling money borrowing.
–    relationship between the management committee and the steering group
–    membership, its limits to the City of Edinburgh boundaries, data protection issues, registration with the Standards Commission
–    meetings, quora, and notice.  Insert amended clause 16: A special general meeting can be called at any time by the management committee or at the request of any group of at least 10 members of the association, subject to the following “notice of general meetings”
–    amend Clause 45 to read the members of the management committee may be paid agreed travelling and other expenses reasonably incurred …
–    the chair of the management committee is not the chair of the association

The constitution was agreed by all present, with thanks to all who worked on it prior to this meeting.  At the Steering Group meeting in October the members of the management committee would be elected.

Discussion about the ‘Big Day’ – Sunday 14th September, 12.30-5.30pm
Business Centre, City Chambers, lunch to start, meeting starting at 1pm

The purpose of the day
This day should be focussed on getting the knowledge about Peak Oil/Climate Change and the skills needed to communicate how to approach these issues into the communities for local action, and to generate the formation of local groups.

A general discussion about what the day would entail included the following aspects/actions needed:

Advertising and Promoting the Event
In the next three months, we need to capture those who already know a bit about the ideas behind the transition movement, and encourage active involvement in local communities.  To do this, we need to put information out there about the issues and about the ‘big day’.  We agreed to focus on:
–    Posters: advertising the event and/or the ideas in Libraries, community centres, the Forest café, etc.
–    Emails: to current members/contacts, other possible email lists, other organisations (e.g. FoE, Spokes, Sustrans, Stop Climate Chaos, etc.)
–    Press Releases: for the List, Big Issue, Metro, other mass media

ACTION: Scott, Eva, Hamish and Johanna to design and sort these, and to come up with contact/invite list

Resource issues
The Business Centre includes the main room (full ICT), two break-out rooms (no ICT), and the coffee area, all of which are flexible spaces.  These are currently the spaces booked for the 14th Sept (need to find out the total capacity for these spaces!).  Close by is the ‘Dean of Guild Court’ which has full ICT, but set desks.  There are other rooms available on the same floor, of variable sizes and facilities, but require booking (easily done).  All rooms are accessible for those with mobility difficulties, and the rooms with ICT have T-loop systems.  We want a crèche for the ‘big day’, with transition-related children’s activities, so this will need investigating.  On the day, we will need pin-boards, flip-charts, etc.  Maggie can provide photocopying – let her know what’s needed.

ACTION: Lukas to liaise with Beth re crèche; Maggie to sort ICT, capacity, info boards, any copying, etc.

Membership info and IT
There is currently a lot of information, resources, etc. available on various IT bases (yahoogroup, website, etc.), but this is not integrated enough to be as useful as it should be.  We need:
–    easily managed and accessed membership database, including members’ details, interests, skills, etc.
–    resources held centrally but accessible to as many as possible
–    at the ‘big day’, to capture the membership info as much as possible
–    in the interim, to contact all those on the email list and ask them to become members
–    to ensure that people who sign up to the email list are asked to become members automatically

ACTION: Andy, Brian

Workshop/display ideas
There were various structures suggested for the day, with the following aspects being integrated into each session/timeslot:
–    Information provision
–    Information/idea sharing and generation of possible community actions
–    Actions that communities can go away and do!
–    What the Steering Group can do for you (accessing info, making connections with people/groups)

With these pointers in mind, the following rough outline was agreed (mainly made up in the writing of the minutes – feel free to argue!):

Time    Activity    Action/responsibility
12:30    Registration and Lunch
–    sticky labels with names and self-identification of area
1.00    Introduction
–    Physical bodies location exercise
–    What brought you here, motivations, interests
1.15    The 12 steps to transition    Eva
Local Showcase: PEDAL    Pedal people
Ongoing    Film space, with info/discussions
–    The Power of Community
–    Rob Hopkins Youtube    Liam, Mandy, Scott
2pm    Workshops
–    How to tell people about Peak Oil

–    How to tell people about Climate Change
Mandy, Scott, Alastair, Maggie
Michelle, Johanna
4pm    Open Space
–    focussed around events/ideas/local groups    Justin, Hamish, Joe
4.45pm    Intention setting and wrapping up
–    how the Steering Group can support local groups
–    having a Task Force for encouraging/supporting local action in more excluded/disparate areas
–    Actually have a plan to go and do something (in a new local group or Portobello’s orchard)
–    Reskilling: Permaculture, cooking, darning, living memories    Hamish, Justin


Offers anyone??

In addition, info boards displaying information about
–    Local Authority structures (wards, neighbourhood partnerships, service departments)
–    organisations of interest (FoE, Stop Climate Chaos, etc.)
–    Leaflets, info resources on local food, rent and housing

–    Eva to contact Mandy re the above
–    Maggie to sort LA info
–    Lukas/Eva to contact Beth re crèche info
–    Joelle/Everyone to think about interested others, and ideas for reskilling

Other events of interest
–    Edinburgh Community Energy Cooperative, 23rd August, North Edinburgh Trust Offices, 11am-1pm

Dates of next meetings
–    7th September, 3.30pm, City Chambers, final plans for ‘big day’
–    14th September, 12.30pm, City Chambers, the ‘Big Day’
–    11th October, 2pm, City Chambers, next meeting of the Steering Group and election of Management Committee