Steering Group Minutes 8th June 2008

Transition City Edinburgh meeting
Sunday 8th June 2008 14:00 – 16:30

Updates from interest groups
Final Treefest update
Parliament Peak Oil and Climate Change event (June 16th)
Feedback from communities
Online update
Schools update

Eva Schonveld volunteered as chair of this meeting due to Joe Payne being unable to be present. Scott Langley volunteered to be the minute taker.

General Feedback

It was decided that the next meeting is to be held on Saturday, the 5th of July at the Edinburgh City Chambers from 14:00 to 16:30. It was also decided that there would be no meeting held over August due to unavailability of venues and because of the Festival. It was decided that there would be a meeting on Sunday the 14th of September called TCE Big Day at the City Council Chambers from 12:30 to 17:30 (Vegetarian sandwich lunch included).
The next meeting was decided to be about information dissemination: Who wants to know what? It was raised that many people do not have enough knowledge and want to know more. It was raised that this would be an ideal opportunity to help people in their approaches to people and communities.

Group Updates

There has been no core C&I meeting since the last TCE meeting. All members have at some point worked on the website. Brian O’Hare is focussing on a strategy plan and this is yet to be completed. It is recommended that C&I organise a meeting over the summer to consolidate plans for the upcoming break. Lukas Lehmann has posted a draft leaflet on the Yahoo site for final review before being given to Maggie Chapman for printing.

The F&A group met once with feedback provided from the farmer Pete Richie on what possibilities may be approached in connection with local food growing and with local farmers. It was raised that a Feasibility Study into the purchase of land by a community/group for investment and food growing was needed. It has been found out that Greig Robertson is undertaking this study and this is being watched for results. The topic of how much land and resources are needed to sustain a given population was raised and this research is still ongoing.

The Edinburgh Local Plan is going to public enquiry sometime this month and it was decided to identify who objected to the Plan and contact them with the issues raised by TCE for inclusion in the Plan. TCE cannot raise these issues itself due to missing out on the objection deadline. Maggie Chapman is to circulate information regarding this and it was raised that Greig Robertson is involved with this and needs to be contacted re: this as well.

It was raised that land owned by Pubs and similar businesses should be looked into and approached regarding any land they own that is not being used. Further to this it was raised that any Brownfield sites throughout Edinburgh need to be identified for possible use. The owners and intended use of these sites needs to be identified. It was suggested to look into the Legislation of how group/community land requests work within Scotland and Edinburgh and how these could be used regarding the Brownfield sites and other future land use.

There hasn’t been a meeting but it was noted that an upcoming meeting is still needed. Liam Young stated that the next meeting of the ECEC (Edinburgh Community Energy Co-Operative) would be on Saturday the 15th of June and additional info will be posted on the Yahoo regarding this. It is needed to chase Edinburgh Council regarding the paper “Powering Edinburgh into the Future” and what action is being taken regarding this paper. Maggie Chapman and Liam Young have volunteered to look into this.

It was suggested to host a day of general information dissemination to the public and anyone interested in the Transition movement and related issues. This was called TCE Big Day and was set as stated in the General Feedback section.

There has been no further information disseminated with these groups.

Other topics

There were still some timeslots open on the stall and these were filled as shown on the newly posted .pdf file. It was requested that Scott Langley contact Carol Fraser regarding the Powerpod positioning as it would be useful in demonstrating some options that are available by powering the electrical and electronic equipment that will be used on the display.

Parliament Peak Oil and Climate Change event (June 16th)
The lead up to this event is running smoothly and will provide a good platform to promote TCE and the Transition movement. Feedback from this event is expected to provide good contacts and concepts for use by TCE and other like minded groups/organisations. There is plenty of help for the day and it promises to be a good quality event.

It was decided to vote on the constitution at the next meeting. There has been varied feedback regarding the constitution however more input is required before the constitution can be finalised. A point was raised where annotations and simplified notes need to be provided on the constitution at the next TCE meeting to allow for easier review and speedier voting. A meeting set at the City Council Chambers on Thursday the 23rd of June was set for the final review before final posting of the constitution. Notification will be forwarded once the location has been set.

Feedback from communities
Liam Young attended a local community council meeting and provided feedback. TCE was not mentioned however there is promising contacts. It is encouraged to contact local community groups/councils/partnerships and promote contact between them and TCE. It was raised that TCE needs to re-establish localness to generate action in the communities. This was generally agreed upon. It was raised to use Treefest to gather people for the next meeting.

Online update
Liam Young provided a quick presentation of what has been happening on the WordPress site. If anyone has any questions on this it is advised to leave a comment on the site.

Lukas Lehmann has posted a leaflet onto the Yahoo website for final review. The deadline for comments is Tuesday evening as the leaflet will be sent to Maggie Chapman for printing on Wednesday the 11th of June.

Due to representatives not being present the following topics could not be commented on.
Christian Climate Change Conference
Linking with Schools

Action Points
• More input into the constitution is needed before the final review meeting on Thursday the 23rd June, City Council Chambers. Maggie Chapman to finalise location.

• Look into the Edinburgh Local Plan. Maggie Chapman to circulate information on this. Contacting of Greg Robertson regarding this is also needed.

• Look into Brownfield’s: location, ownership, intended use.

• Look into legislation on how group/community land requests work.

• Maggie Chapman to look into the actions taken regarding the paper “Powering Edinburgh into the Future”. Liam Young to also contact Edinburgh Council regarding this.

• Scott Langley to contact Carol Fraser regarding the Power-Pod for Treefest.

• Contact of Community Councils/Partnerships/groups to encourage contact with TCE.

• As many people as possible to attend Treefest to promote TCE!!

Reminder – The next meeting will have 2 issues:
Voting on the Constitution
Re-localness of groups

Meeting Closed.