Communication and Inclusion Meeting 3rd February 2008

Communication & Inclusion (C&I) Meeting
“Who isn’t here that should be?”

Date: Sunday 3rd February 2008

Amy Norton
David Atiyah
Dave Hawkey
Lukas Lehmann
Scott Langley

Information on activities outside and within Transition Edinburgh (TE); assignation of information gathering, decision on format for information gathering and dissemination; Linkages to and with other groups; Action time-plan; Moderation of meetings.

It was decided that a consultation of the steering committee first and then the whole TE group is needed to clarify and designate the type and form of information that is needed and wanted. Additional to this is was proposed that Scott Langley would post on the Yahoo TE group the requirement of subgroup contacts to be supplied to the C&I group.

It was decided that the best way to increase information gathering was to encourage external contributors and authors with the SCOT wiki website as a starting point. It was decided that web efforts would be divided into the wiki site and a Drupal or WordPress site. This would allow the separation of the information database from the activities and events. Linkages between the two were decided to keep the cohesiveness of the project. The separation was decided to allow simpler and easier identification by users & visitors as to their desired information.

A practical comparison of the two site programs, Drupal and WordPress, was proposed to indicate to those involved which would be the more advantageous and useful. This decision is to be chosen by a vote at the presentation.

The current Google group was decided as the best way to communicate within the C&I group. A posting on the website was proposed to highlight how to more effectively use the entire group website as it was raised that this was an issue. An email is to be sent out as a notification of this posting. This also helped to differentiate between the Yahoo TE group and the Google C&I group.

It was proposed that David Atiyah would set up a basic Facebook page to encourage any interest from Facebook users to navigate to our websites.

Points for thought before the next meeting:
Drupal or WordPress (ensure volunteers to highlight ease of use); Preparation for TE decisions; Goal Setting / Communication strategy for at least the next 6 months.

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