Energy / Power Sub Group Meeting 21/1/2008

Attendees: Keith Farvis, Alister Hamilton, Judith Shepherd

We are in the process of gathering information (see attached short report) on the expected
problems with gas and other fuels in addition to peak oil.

Apart from the intention to develop more understanding of the facts and issues we suggest the
following aims for the group:

  • To support decentralised, local energy production and in particular to; ask for an extended report  by the consultants who produced ‘Powering Edinburgh into the 21st century, developing their ideas on decentralised  to take into account the a greater reduction in the availability of gas than is assumed in the report;
  • To encourage improved insulation;
  • To support microgeneration;
  • To support very high building standards.

In order to do this we want to:

  • Inform ourselves, e.g. about planning processes or what is happening in more
  • advanced countries like Germany;
  • Link to decision makers;
  • Develop examples of good practice;
  • Develop information resources (e.g. on green builders and examples of good
  • practice).

One thought on “Energy / Power Sub Group Meeting 21/1/2008

  1. I am very interested in this subject. There are a host of ideas currently being developed by individuals or small organisations, but no acceptance of the value of any of them from the “powers that be”. There needs to be a strong input from someone like Transition, of whom I have only just heard. I would like to discuss a variety of ideas with those now looking at this overall subject

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