Energy / Power Sub Group Meeting 14/4/2008

Attendees: Alistair Hamilton, Scott Langley

Review of previous minutes
General discussion of progress and ideas

The minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed and AH detailed any further information to SL.

The main point noted throughout the review was the question of “Where to get involved?” AH stated that raising awareness is the biggest issue. AH pointed to the report “Powering Edinburgh into the 21st Century” as a decent strategy to look at and base a strategy from TCE on. The issue of what is happening next regarding the report was raised and as such no knowledge of any action based upon the report is known. It was noted that the report was completed in the context of Climate Change but not Peak Oil. AH expressed that it would be interesting to see the outcome of the report if completed in a Peak Oil context.

It was noted that there are different standards regarding heating and the use of energy in heating between mainland Europe and the UK. It was noted that there is much more emphasis on passive heating on the continent while the UK has focussed on active heating. This will become an issue in the future in the UK. It was noted that a large problem facing the UK regarding this is the infrastructure already in place restricting passive heating.

The question of “How can each E&P member contribute to a project or activity in their own way and in a substantial manner?” It was noted that the E&P group has a relatively varied level of knowledge and expertise regarding Energy & Power. Raising awareness is believed to be the most optimal activity for the group as all members can participate equally. Also raising awareness will help to highlight the many activities and projects already underway throughout Edinburgh. With the recent statement by George Soros regarding the economic superboom coming to an end this will be all the more appreciated.

Action Points

  • Ask Ewan Aitken regarding the view/action currently taken on the report “Powering Edinburgh into the 21st Century”
  • Members of E&P to get actively involved in raising awareness.
  • Look at using quotes from pages 7 & 9 in AH’s presentation on Peak Oil in the TCE handout/leaflet.
  • Getting someone interested in writing an article for use in The Evening News. There is a need to discuss this within the E&P group and provide feedback/contribution.
  • Compile a PowerPoint presentation for approach to public meetings (e.g. Morningside Community Council meeting)
  • The long term goal of Best Practice.
  • A date needs to be decided for another meeting which is required for further discussion.

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