Steering Group Meeting Minutes 6th April 2008

Transition City Edinburgh meeting
Sunday 6th April 2008 14:00 – 16:40
There was no review of notes from the last Transition City Edinburgh meeting.
Group Feedback
General Discussion  
Group Feedback
Communication & Inclusion (C&I)
There was one meeting since the last TCE meeting that concentrated on the progression of the TCE associated wiki website mapping of organisations, groups etc within Edinburgh and the surrounding locales.  Turnout to the meeting was not what was expected or hoped for.  There was a decision to keep the wiki website on it’s current web location instead of moving it to the Transition Edinburgh WordPress site.
Food & Allotments (F&A)
There has been no meeting since the last TCE meeting.  There is an upcoming meeting on the Governmental food document “Choosing the right ingredients” and the consultation documentation distribution difficulties.  It was stated that Eva Schonfeld would be the second F&A contact.  Eva Schonfeld is gathering information on local farmers and grocers (presently concentrating within Portobello) for the TCE initiative.  Johnathon contacted Gracemont re: the making of allotments.  It was noted that there were sites around Edinburgh that are currently being converted into allotments.  It was noted that allotments are not high up on the list for land demand and use as housing and developments are.  It was noted that there are many more fruit trees being planted on very small pieces of land.  The number of trees planted is typically around 3.  This was noted to achieve a more dispersed orchid as opposed to a concentrated one.
Energy & Power (E&P)
There has been no meeting since the last TCE meeting.  It was stated that there is a need for an upcoming meeting and this is under progress.
Heart & Soul (H&S)
Brian O’Hare attended a Climate Change conference in Findhorn recently and very positive feedback regarding this was supplied.  The awareness raising event conducted on 5th April in the Forest Café was considered a success even though turnout was less than hoped and expected.  Brian O’Hare led some group work at the start of the event, which was followed by Mandy Merkle performing a presentation on Peak Oil, and then there was a showing of the film ‘Crude Impact’.
Highly positive feedback was given regarding this event with recommendation of another in the future.  It was noted that better planning would have allowed for a better turnout as the main problems associated were the double event weekend and that there were many other events planned by other organisations.  It was stated that the H&S group want to do more work with the Living Witness program and with the Churches.  It is believed that there is great potential with them.
No other groups were present for feedback.
General Discussion
Ideas raised throughout discussion were:
The C&I group stated that they wanted feedback from the other subgroups on what the C&I group can do for them.
A small future training event by the C&I group for the use of the WordPress and wiki sites as well as a digital guide sent out to enable more utilisation of these resources.
A demonstration of the two sites is planned for an upcoming TCE meeting however there may be clashes at the next meeting due to a speaker from Brighton Transition Town attending.  The speaker was considered to take priority over the demonstration should any problems occur.
It was suggested that the E&P group could write an article for the Evening News on Peak Oil.
It was suggested that Pod casts of talks/presentations by members on Peak Oil and Climate Change could be sent out to whoever is interested.  It was also suggested that posting onto Youtube could be effective.  It was pointed out that there are already some very good videos on Youtube and that this could be pointless replication.
It was noted that PEDAL has published their program for the next 3 months and that this has been advertised through the Yahoo group.
The topic of funding for events was raised and it was generally agreed that this is an important topic and needs to be reviewed heavily as there was debate on how funding would be gathered and from who would be most appropriate.  It was noted that there seemed to be circular arguments/approaches regarding this issue.
It was raised that attaining Public Awareness is proving difficult and two points on this issue were raised: It needs to be very clear on what is being planned to facilitate ease of progress.
Progress needs to be made to realistic short term goals.  (Something tangible and/or modest)
It was generally agreed upon that small steps towards smaller and closer goals with clear and accurate planning would provide the most optimal and efficient results as well as provide higher morale and motivation towards the initiative.
It was suggested to communicate more with the organisations that attendees are already a part of.  It was stated that this would allow more exposure to organisations that TCE can assist and vice versa.  It was also suggested to leave the web address  HYPERLINK “” on other websites as a link for TCE.
It was suggested to use the Edinburgh TreeFest ( HYPERLINK “” as an awareness raising event.  It was stated that either a stall could be setup with a display of catchy Transition displays or supply leaflets to the stalls already there.  It was generally agree that setting up a stall, although having a cost, could prove the most optimal way of raising awareness and people were asked to step forward to investigate this option further and provide feedback.  It was noted that there is a cut-off date for the event and communication must be effective to meet this deadline.  Neil Hulluw has stepped forward to investigate the stall and provide feedback to the Yahoo group and Juanbuo has stepped forward to consult with others on possible displays.
It was suggested that use of the Farmers Market in Edinburgh could be good in a similar manner.  It was suggested that this could be done once or month or on some other regular basis.  It was agreed that further discussion is needed on this issue.
It was suggested to produce a leaflet that can be handed out at these events and also placed in appropriate places across Edinburgh.  It was suggested to use the draft leaflet from the Fife initiative as a basis for the Edinburgh leaflet.  It was pointed out that in order for the leaflet to work effectively it needs to be clear on what TCE can do for people.  Johanna Carrie has stepped forward to help with the leaflets.
It was noted that an upcoming conference aimed at awareness raising within the Christian community would have a speaker from TCE.  For more information on this, visit:  HYPERLINK “”
It was suggested that the showing of a film at the Filmhouse could be a good awareness raising event.  It was suggested to host this event after the Festival as there would be more receptive people and TCE would have had a chance to establish itself more within Edinburgh.
Action Points
Stall in TreeFest
Stall in Farmers Market
Contribution to the Christian Conference
The showing of a film at the Filmhouse
Leaflet distribution
Linking with schools
Creation of social sites (Facebook has one already titled ‘Transition Edinburgh’)
An Energy Flat
Community businesses in Portobello
Creation and management of allotments
Hosting something at the Science Festival