Events Group write-up from meeting 6/1/2008

Events Group
Events write up from 2nd TT meeting on Sunday 6th January

People involved in the discussions: Clare Symonds, Eva Schonfeld, Liam Young, Johnathan? Hamish ? Clare Evitt, Chris Hill

Ideas for events include

Film showings
Suggestions for venues include Filmhouse and Meadows Festival*, Bike and Film Festival (17th June) and European Mobility Week
*Meadows Festival could include Melville Drive Closure Hamish to pursue idea.

Food Events includes ideas to run an allotment stall for allotment olders to sell excess produce, cooking skills and storing foods using a low carbon methods.

Walks (To generally get to know each other and exchange ideas).
A wildfood walk, water of Leith walk and Pentland walk.

Adopt a Beach day (to get to know like minded people and other groups)
Musselburgh on 26th Jan
Portobello Beach Watch in September
Cramond beach clean up 4 times a year.

Possible Feb launch day…local Edinburgh Day.