March 2008 Transport

A number of people formed a breakout group at the the first Transition Edinburgh meeting. Topics covered ranged from ‘big things’ – trains, trams, planes to the ‘sustainable’ – walking and cycling.

Transport is a highly complex subject. Most people enjoy some degree of travelling. Some expect several foreign holidays each year. Others are happy to enjoy places nearer to home. In recent years, commuting long distances to work has become ‘normal’. In Edinburgh it was once ‘normal’ to take a bus (or even train) home for lunch.

Fuel prices are almost certainly set to continue rising. Rationing is not impossible as is some form of congestion charging (in spite of all the recent difficulties). Public transport use is likely to continue increasing (Edinburgh already has significant bus usage).

Many people would welcome safer, more pleasant streets with more places where walking and cycling are prioritised. Edinburgh has a growing number of cyclists, but facilities/priorities are not keeping pace. This should change.