Fairemile Energy Hub: Ideas for Energy Saving

Themes of energy saving idea for Fairmilehead Energy Hub.             Contents: DIY small improvementsEnergy performance of homeElectrification of heatMonitoring energy useSharing progress, information and Q&ASmall scale passive solarSupporting solar powerInstall PV panels on your roofWorking from home, cutting commuting, estimating fuel saving DIY small improvements Check for draughts and put in excludershang thick, lined curtains … Continue reading Fairemile Energy Hub: Ideas for Energy Saving

Wellbeing Economics/Amsterdam City Doughnut

Katherine Trebeck: Wellbeing Economics: Amsterdam City Doughnut. Transition Edinburgh's #BuildBackBetter event - 25 June 2020. On 25th June 2020, Transition Edinburgh hosted a #BuildBackBetter event in which Dr Katherine Trebeck, Advocacy & Influencing Lead for the Wellbeing Economy Alliance, shared her experience with the Wellbeing Economic Model and talked about the Amsterdam City Doughnut. Access the recording … Continue reading Wellbeing Economics/Amsterdam City Doughnut

Black Lives and Climate Justice

Exploring the intersection between #BlackLivesMatter, #RacialJustice, #JustTransition #BuildBackBetterScot Sir Geoff Palmer in our advertisement for the Black Lives and Climate Justice Event. Stories were at the heart of Sir Geoff Palmer’s presentation [15 minute video here], in which he explored the intersection between racism and climate.  270 people from the UK and beyond - as … Continue reading Black Lives and Climate Justice


Mike Wignall addressing the April 25 Climater Emergency session at City Chambers Transition Edinburgh Activities 2018-19 The last year was a busy one for Transition Edinburgh – the community-led network connecting and supporting individuals and groups, initiating practical projects that strive for a greener, fairer, healthier and more resilient Edinburgh.  These highlights focus on our … Continue reading Blog